4 Best Tourist Attractions in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of the country of Spain. Every year many people come to visit this city so they can enjoy a good vacation full of culture and relaxing times. Madrid has a number of museums and there are many cafes to stop for a drink or bite to eat. This is a lively city and open to the tourists. There are four attractions that every people must see in the city of Madrid.

1.  Museum Reina Sofia

This museum showcases moderns works of art. It was declared to be an art museum by Queen Sofia in 1992. The building was originally a hospital but it was turned into a museum and the hospital was relocated. The museum got an addition in 2005 when it featured the art of Jean Nouvel. This museum shows the works of many Spanish artists and has several works by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The El Guernica by Picasso is housed at this museum. This shows the true horror of the Spanish Civil War and many people come to see that work alone. Close by you will find a cafe that has chocolate Easter treats recipes to die for.

2.  Mercado de San Miguel

This is one of the most popular shopping centers where a person can sample local food and special items. The building has cast iron architecture and there are also walls that are made from glass. The glass walls can show all the goods that are featured in this market. These goods including salted fish and other fresh seafood. There are also some cakes and other desserts. The market stays open late during the weekends. This is a great place where people have some drinks and some tapas. This market also hosts some special events including concerts and cooking classes. It can even be reserved to host private parties.

3. Temple of Debod

This temple is located at the Parque del Oeste which is a park that is near the Royal Palace. This temple is dedicated to an Egyptian goddess that stood near the Nile River. When Egypt was building dams along the river many of their statues had to be moved so they will not get flooded. This states was moved to Spain with the help of the Spanish people. In 1968 the Spanish people were allowed to claim this status as a gift of thanks. It is over 4,000 years old.

4. Plaza de Cibeles

The architecture of this building is Neoclassical and was designed by Antonio Palacios. There is a fountain that pays tribute to the Roman goddess Cybele. The goddess is riding on a chariot that is being pulled by lions. The entire scene is made out of purple colored marble. The statue was made by Francisco Gutierrez and Robert Michel back in 1780. This fountain was able to provide water to homes that were located nearby.

These are some of the must-see places that a person should visit while they are in the city of Madrid. There are so many things to do in Madrid but these four places must be on the list of places to visit.